I have been collecting vintage items for many years. I have always raided charity shops from the moment I was able to escape my sixth form common room and bunk into town. Antiques fairs, boot fairs, flea markets and garage sales particularly, I love them all and I can’t really speak whilst I’m there – there’s something so wonderful about other people’s treasures.

When sourcing the Tortoiseshell Vintage collection I find that the original owners do love to tell the stories behind the garments, as with music, clothing evokes strong memories and awakens a youthful spirit within people – I feel we have a duty to showcase these beautiful pieces for the modern era. So, for me the joy of vintage is taking something old and beautiful and breathing a new life into it. It’s great to know that in today’s society we are less bound by sartorial rules of a certain decade, enabling us to mix styles and influences to create a very original and perhaps wide ranging personal style.

Using a single vintage item to form part of an outfit can sometimes feel like you’re wearing a secret, you’ve grabbed a little of someone else’s past and modified it to fit in with your own wardrobe. What you have done is brought it through into the 21st century for another night out, it’s a time traveller and so you need to be proud to wear it.

I believe that vintage clothing should be thoroughly wearable and I try to source very much with that in mind – if you love something enough you want to ‘collect’ that’s all part of it, and a very valid pastime. Creating the perfect retro look from a specific decade can be fantastically transformative and for certain events is exactly what you need to make you feel a million dollars.  However for everyday, I love the idea of seeing a woman wearing a fabulous 1960’s shift dress, with her ipod headphones trailing over her shoulders. I thoroughly recommend teaming a vintage blouse with a pair of high street jeans, or wearing some vintage leather boots with a contemporary dress.

I was a student of Textiles and the History of Fashion and have extensive fashion retail experience: high street, boutique and bridal. I hope you love the Tortoiseshell Vintage collection as much as I do - Liz x

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